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Top 5 Best Housing Sites for Travel Nurses

While some travel nurses rent housing when they’re traveling from one location to another, that’s not the route I choose to travel. There are several other, more specific types of nurse housing that I’d prefer to have if I’m traveling for work. Of course, this all depends on the nurse’s needs, but the following are my top choices.

5. Travel Nurse Housing Online, United States

When it comes to finding housing for travel nurses in the United States, travel nurse housing online is a more affordable way to find lodging. For instance, it doesn’t cost you as much to rent a two bedroom unit on Airbnb as it does to rent a single bedroom unit on a vacation rental site. This website also offers a multitude of housing options for travel nurses, which could include short-term, long-term or weekly rates.

4. AirBnB, Worldwide

While Airbnb offers numerous options for short-term rental, one of my favorites is that of an apartment for travel nurses. It’s an option for travelers that are either very short-term, or long-term in terms of travel. This type of housing option is specifically for traveling nurses that travel for less than three months, but will have at least four people in the unit. Also, with this type of housing, you’ll usually have full access to the entire space when you’re there.

3. Global Housing Network, Worldwide

Traveling nurses can rent housing in a multitude of places around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia and other destinations. Another website that I recommend is Global Housing Network, which offers housing options for travelers for any length of time. For example, you can stay in a single bedroom apartment in Hong Kong for up to one month, but for one week it would cost you about $600. While that’s a hefty price for one week of housing, it’s still more affordable than most other options.

2. Nursing Homes, Worldwide

There are countless options for nursing homes, whether you’re traveling for a week or for several years. This option is especially attractive to travelers, who tend to have a high turnover when they travel. This type of housing option is perfect for nurses that need to travel for months, or even a year or more. Traveling nurses can find healthcare and vacation homes that they can use in the interim.

1. Nurse Housing in St. Louis, U.S.

One of the largest housing options for nurses in the United States is Nurse Housing in St. Louis, which is located in the City of St. Louis. With that being said, there’s actually no need to get a second mortgage, since the unit is specifically designed for travel nurses, so you won’t be paying a mortgage, insurance, maintenance fees or property taxes.

Also, because this home is specifically designed for travel nurses, it’s likely that the housing is fully furnished. The one downside is that it’s not available for public rent.

Final Note: If you travel for business regularly, then you probably need to change your housing options on a regular basis. However, this could also depend on your profession and career path, since you can find that a lot of nurses want to travel for their job.

What are your favorite options for housing, for nursing or otherwise?

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